Sunday, November 20, 2011

TVB Drama: Glittering Days 東方之珠

Main Cast: Liza Wang, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh


Gam Yin (Liza Wang) plays a former renowned Shanghai singer along with (Susanna Kwan) that make the "Three Golden

Flowers". In the description of the story, World War II broke out at that time, Gam Yin was separated from her son.

Years later, Gam Yin was a teacher for a singing group in a Hong Kong bar. The prominent singer of the time, Ling Fung

(Roger Kwok) and Gam Yin meet, but they do not get along at all. Every time they meet, something happens. Whether it

was an argument or a fight.
Chu Yuk-Lan (Charmaine Sheh) is Ling Fung's childhood friend who had a crush on him ever since. She makes her way out

of the village side to find him, but there is something with her voice. When they first met, Lan was from a walled

village in New Territories who seemed woefully uneducated and naive about everything. Lan started off as Gam Yin's

student. Due to Ling Fung's pride, the two have difficulty getting together, with Ling Fung's singing career in the

middle. Eventually Ling Fung would experience a reverse of fortune. Ling Fung would end up selling sugar cane for a

living, while Lan became the popular singer. Someone informs the police with indications that Fung is a swindler of

love and money. The chief investigator chases this case until the death and because of this, Fung can no longer

continue working in the musical world. At this time, Fung accidentally finds out that the person who informed the

reporter was Yin! Later, Yin finds out that her long lost son was actually Ling Fung...

Enjoy :)

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